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Jomo Protocol

Self-sovereign, privacy-preserving identity protocol


Take ownership of your identity and information truly and fully.
Verify, store, compute, share, whatever you decide, with whomever you choose.
Leverage off-chain data to bootstrap your web3 journey, all while preserving your privacy.

Our Solution

Privacy by design

No one except you can read your data behind wallet address, not even Jomo.

Reusable credential

Verify once and use the result anywhere you would like to share with.


You decide which parts of your information get decrypted, and shared to whom.

Minimum data sharing

Privacy preserving computation helps you prove eligibility with only needed information, sometimes without sharing any PII at all.

Complete Coverage

Bring all kinds of verifiable personal data into your on-chain vault, including physical identity, social profiles and more.


KYC with Jomo


Meet compliance requirements from regulators by providing global identity verification (including OFAC check, PEP check, etc).


Reduce the chance of your NFT / token being dumped by providing a real person liveness check (i.e. bot detection).


Reduce fraud loss as well as improve trust from good users by slowing down spam accounts.


Select the tradeoff between user friction and verification accuracy by providing a configurable multi-layer verification method from knowledge-based to document-based.


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